Where does moss grow ?

Why does green moss only grows on one side of tree trunks?
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Author :

Stevens Sven Guyon


The student uses the compass and the luxmeter to analyze his environment.

Sample protocol for the student
1. How do you explain that green moss only grows on one side of tree trunks?
2. On tree trunks you can find green moss, but have you noticed that this moss is often only found on one side of the trunk?
3. Suggest one or more hypotheses, which you can then test, in relation to the problem posed
4. In FizziQ, choose one or more sensors that could help you test your hypothesis?
5. If your hypothesis calls for light, you can use the Luxmeter. If your hypothesis suggests the orientation (north / south / east / west), you can use the Compass
6. On the side of the tree where the green moss is located, take the measurements using the sensor you have chosen. Record your results in your notebook, for example in the form of a table. Also add a photo
7. Take the same measurements on the other side of the tree and document your results
8. Compare all of your results and write a sentence that uses "whereas" in your notebook.
9. In your experiment notebook, write a sentence that answers the problem we asked at the very beginning (How do you explain that green moss only grows on one side of the tree trunks?)

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