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Acoustic beats

Analyzes an acoustic effect that is used by many electronic music artists

Astronauts and spinners

Understand the relationship between centrifugal acceleration and rotational speed by studying a wringer

Tuning forks

Calculation of frequencies and history of tuning forks

Colors of autumn

Why tree leaves change color in autumn

Opportunity on Mars

Become the programmer of the robot Opportunity on Mars and find the different ways to ensure a linear movement.

Noise cancellation

Active noise reduction headset technology helps reduce ambient noise. How does this technology work?

Sound speed

How precisely will you estimate the speed of sound ?

It's yellow, it's ugly ...

Study the capacity of several diffusing objects to diffuse light more or less well

Doppler effect

Measurement of the doppler effect using the Fizziq sound library.


Analyse how humans pronounce vowels and build a training tool for singers

Where does moss grow ?

Why does green moss only grows on one side of tree trunks?

Circular uniform movement

Learn about the concept of linear acceleration and how to measure it

Linear acceleration

Learn about the concept of linear acceleration and how to measure it

Build your own pedometer

Understand how a pedometer works and use the accelerometer to build one.

Stamp of a musical instrument

Why does the same note sound different depending on the musical instrument that produces it?

Uniform linear movement

Testing the hypothesis of a Galilean system in practical life

Program a Sound Timer

Use triggers to create a useful measuring tool