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2.the description of the protocol should not exceed 100 characters

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The FizziQ protocol format

Why did we create a format for protocols?

In order to be able to easily share and exchange information, it is preferable that it is structured in the same way. This is why we have created an extremely simple format which allows to create, modify and exchange experimental protocols by text file or by QR Code. This format is completely free of rights.

What is the format of the FizziQ protocols?

The FizziQ format is defined by specific fields which are separated by the "//" character combination.

The fields are as follows and the information must be placed in the correct order:

1. The sequence begins with the code: "Fizziq"

2. The title in text format

3. The purpose of the protocol in text format

4. The different steps of the protocol classified and separated by the separator "//"

An example ?

For example, consider the following protocol:

The title of the experiment is "The sound", the subtitle "Amplitude and frequency work", and two steps "Choose a musical instrument for which you want to analyze the sound" then "Which instrument from FizziQ can you use to measure the fundamental frequency of a note on your instrument? ".

You can create a QR code by typing, in the text field of the "QR Code" generator available on the internet, the following text:

"Fizziq // The sound // Work on amplitude and frequency // Choose a musical instrument for which you want to analyze the sound // Which FizziQ instrument can you use to measure the fundamental frequency of a note of your instrument? "

To find a QR code generator, type "QR Code generator" in the browser's search bar .