Why did we create FizziQ?

Experimentation is at the heart of scientific learning. Pupils and students do not always have access to the necessary equipment, however, either because of limited access to laboratories (confinement, disability situations, faulty equipment), or because the experiments must be carried out in the field.

Smartphones and tablets are now part of the student's daily environment. However, we often limit ourselves to the usual uses when they have many sensors and processors particularly suited to experimental sciences to be done in class or at home.


It is with this in mind that we have developed an application taking advantage of the sensors and ergonomics of these digital media in order to promote the scientific approach of middle and high school students, as well as that of students.

How does FizziQ work?

The FizziQ application, free and without sharing personal data, is based on 4 functionalities which are linked by an ergonomic and modern interface:

  1. Data capture

  2. The experience notebook

  3. Management of experimental protocols

  4. Experimental tools

FizziQ promotes group work and exchanges within the educational community. Thanks to QR codes, teachers can easily download new protocols, modify them and share them with their students or colleagues. The students pool their observations to enrich shared experience notebooks.

Découvrir FizziQ

Découvrir FizziQ

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