Our commitment

“Volunteer with the La main à la Pâte Foundation since 2018, I have accompanied primary school teachers in the context of robotic challenges. These missions showed me the interest of students, from an early age, for new technologies, and the importance for teachers to have quality scientific tools to conduct science sessions implementing the process of 'investigation ... " (Read more about Our commitment)

Provide the means to experiment

"Experimentation is at the heart of scientific learning. Students, however, do not always have access to the necessary equipment, either due to limited access to laboratories (lock-down, handicap, faulty equipment), or because the experiments must be done in the field. FizziQ provides students with a portable laboratory to conduct a realistic and in-depth scientific investigation process: their smartphone " (Find out more)


Promote the creation and sharing of protocols

"The use of smartphones in the experimental setting is limited by the lack of suitable experimental protocols. We are creating tools to promote the emergence and sharing of experimental protocols that interest and challenge students of all levels. Machine translation, simplified protocol format, dedicated protocols page, are the tools that we make available to the community to create a large catalog of experiments available to all. " (Learn more)

Develop group work

"Group work is central to the development of science but also to the personal development of students. FizziQ is not just a tool that allows to record and display efficiently more than 30 different types of data, it is above all a means of working in groups. through the sharing of observations, the creation of PDF and CSV files, the creation of protocols exchangeable by QR code or file text, the sharing of texts, tables and photos. " (Learn more)

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